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A finished doily

*Dun da da da!*  hehe  The doily, she is done. 🙂 And she is beautiful.

Vintage Pineapple Doily

I’m so happy with how it turned out. I still think that they look more like strawberries than pineapples, but whatever 🙂 lol  This has given me the doily bug and I so want to find other small doily patterns so that I can use up the other pretty colors I have of crochet thread.  But I need to get my swap squares done first.  Maybe I will start on those today, in between some laundry and dishes.

I hope that  my mom will like this doily, as I have made it for her.  She has been trying to find a doily for a new end stand that she bought but hasn’t found any nice ones or ones that aren’t uber expensive or too big to even fit the small end stand.  I think this will look perfect on the pretty dark wood. 🙂  Well, off to do something productive.
Happy Hooking!