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Crochet Books!!!

I ordered 3 new crochet books this past week.  The wonderful mail lady brought them to my door today 🙂


1. Learn to do Bavarian Crochet   ~ Can’t wait to use this as I really want to make one of these blankets.  This book also has 9 different patterns that look very cool. 🙂

2. Beyond The Square Crochet Motifs  ~ This book has 144 patterns for different shaped motifs.  I will DEFINITELY be using this as I am in different square swaps and love making blankets.

3. Around The Corner Crochet Borders  ~ This book has 150 different crochet edgings and charts and instructions on creating beautiful borders for blankets.  🙂 This will come in handy for all the blankets I will be making with my new motif book 🙂

For this “hooker”, it is a good day.  So many patterns, so much yarn, too little time to actually use them as much as i’d like. lol  Someday.