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Blog time

I could never make a living at writing a blog. Lol. I don’t have the discipline to sit down every day and write something. Let alone once a week. But I’ve been busy with life, so I guess that’s as good an excuse as any. Way too much going on in the past month or so. Birthdays, a funeral, parties, trick or treating, a craft show coming up. Add to some of that being sick and it’s been a madhouse here. But things are coming together and I love my life. To all you out there reading, don’t forget to go and live your life. Life is what happens while we are waiting for our plans to work out. 


Anxiety and Life

so I have been going to a therapist for a few months now. She has diagnosed me with generalized anxiety disorder. There are a few other small diagnoses as well, but the anxiety is my biggest problem. It has seemed to want to take over everything for me this past weekend though. It literally sucks the life out of you when it is attacking. You feel completely helpless. People who have never experienced it have no idea how awful it can truly be.  

Even though I’d love to spend the whole day in bed and just live there for a while, I have been trying to work on my crocheting and housework. It can be a slow process when you are battling something that is invisible, but at least there is progress. I can’t wait for our two week honeymoon to get here so I can try to destress with my hubby. We definitely both need it. 

Here is something I’m working on now for a future craft show. Love the yarn and how soft it is 🙂

Hoping to get this finished today as it is a fast working yarn.  We will see what the ADD allows me to finish though. Lol

Have a good day everyone!

Go speed racer!

so the races last Friday were awesome!  My father in law and husband did a great job on the drag strip 🙂 they had a blast as well. I couldn’t be more proud of them! The kids and I had an amazing time as well. Everyone got along better than expected. Then there was a Bret Michaels concert afterwards. It was really great too. It was the first time I’ve ever seen him, so it was pretty cool for me. It was also my daughter’s first concert. She was so awkward at first because she didn’t know what to do. Lol. But after a while she loosened up and started to dance some. I can’t say the same for my in law’s girlfriend. She didn’t dance much. But oh well. 

The rest of the weekend was mostly rain, so we only went over for Friday’s festivities. The rest of the weekend I spent with my mom and grandma. Went to Joann Fabric and got some light up crochet hooks! Finally! I can’t wait to test them out. I’ve been tediously working on finishing a large corner to corner afghan for a friend though, so my hands are pretty tired by the time bedtime rolls around.  I can feel my crochet mojo coming back though. I lost it for a few weeks for some reason, but it’s back with a vengeance! Haha 

Well, time for some shuteye. Busy day tomorrow! Hope everyone has a wonderful evening!

Racing and in-laws

this weekend, we will be spending two days with my father in law over in Ohio for some steel valley racing. My husband and father in law will be racing cars on Friday. It should hopefully be a fun time. 🙂 the only part of it that gives me a little spike of anxiety is my in laws girlfriend. Sometimes she can be a bit overbearing with the kids and with things in general. Her daughter isn’t a very “involved” mother with her kids, and she kinda acts like all moms are like her daughter. It can be taxing at times, because I’m a full time mommy. So I am with and taking care of my kids 24/7. I know what makes them cry, what makes them smile, what triggers tantrums and how to deal with said tantrums in an appropriate manner.  Not saying I’m super mom, we all have our “Hulk” moments, but I feel that I’m doing a pretty bang up job here as a mom. It’s bad enough to have my own mother second guess me at times, it’s just downright frustrating when someone else’s mom does the same thing.  So I shall try to keep my composure. I shall try to be nice and not let her little quips and repetitive stories about her grandkids annoy me. I shall try to enjoy my weekend away from home, and dishes, and laundry; and I shall be happy to spend time with my family. 

Prayers are always welcome, though. 😉 

Mommy mommy mommy!!

life has been so crazy busy lately.  Tennis practice on Tuesday and Thursday for my daughter, Wednesday mornings are library day with grandma, dishes, laundry, it never ends! I’ve been trying to crochet in between all this stuff. Working on a blanket order and little orders as well. I call it multitasking, but it’s probably procrastinating. Lol. 

 Tonight there is yogurt on the floor, a ball flying through the living room, a weekend of racing to get ready for, yet all I’m looking forward to is that soft pillow on my bed. 

It all makes me smile, no matter how frustrating it can be or how much I fill with anxiety, because I’m a mommy. My kids love me and so does my husband. I couldn’t ask for a better life. 

Good night!

Positive vibes

did you ever stop and have the feeling that maybe you should have become a motivational speaker? I’ve thought that many times. I have gone through a lot of darkness in my life, yet I choose to look forward to the light. Why spend the rest of your days in darkness, brooding over past wrongs and hurts? Why sit and make yourself miserable thinking about how much you don’t like someone? They aren’t doing the same, worrying about how much you hate them.  When you hold on to anger, it only affects you. Maybe just don’t give that person as much trust in the future. I also hate hearing people tell their friends to wait for mr or mrs right to come along and complete them and make them whole. You are the only person who can control your happiness. Only you can make yourself feel whole. You should never place your happiness in other people’s hands. That is way too much trust and control for people who more than likely don’t care as much as you do. Then, if they leave, they take that happiness with them and you are left with nothing again. It DOES feel wonderful when you find someone to share your happiness with, but they should not be the source of your happiness. There is always a way for you to find it yourself, or if you need help to figure it out, there are people who you can talk to who will help as well. YOU are worthwhile. YOU are important and lovable. YOU are the only one who can change where your life is heading. Don’t let anyone keep you from becoming the person you want to be.   The saying is true, life is what you make it, so why not make it happy?

New year, new me

so, I got a little distracted from the alphabet appliqués I was hoping to make. I have been getting crochet orders left and right anymore. I’ve made tons of princess lovey dolls. An owl, a unicorn, teenage mutant ninja turtle hats… And plenty more orders to go! I’m happy for all the work though. It keeps me busy and gives me something besides housework to do. 

I’m trying to keep up with working out and getting back into shape. It’s not easy when you are a stay at home mom who likes to crochet. It is very easy to just sit in my chair all day unless it’s time for lunch or to change a diaper.  Motivation is key. I’ll get there eventually, I want to look good this August for my honeymoon! 

I’m going to try something different in a week as well. Dying my hair ombré blue colors! It should be fun. And it will be interesting to see who likes it and who tells me I’m crazy. I have no idea what my mother will think. Lol. My husband is all for it though, and he’s the one who has to look at me every day, so I guess that’s all that matters.   All my friends I’ve mentioned this to think I will look great, so we shall see the outcome. I’m a little nervous, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. It’s only hair. It can be dyed another color if I decide I don’t like it. I used to have a blossoming wild side when I was in high school. Becoming a mother has tamed me quite a bit, and I miss that crazy wild child I used to be. I’m slowly finding her again though, with help from my husband. He is one of my biggest supporters. Which is amazing in a partner. I couldn’t love him more for it. 🙂 

Well, time to try and get this little munchkin to quit playing and actually go to sleep!!! Good night all! Stay crafty!