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Craft show blues

So yesterday was the craft show I’ve been looking forward to for the past few months. I was excited and expected to do well. I didn’t sell much and was pretty disappointed. There were a lot more crochet booths this year but the part that upset me the most was this older lady who was selling hats like mine for $10. A lot of you may not understand, but that is too low a price for a handmade hat like ours.  

These hats are ones I sell at around $18-$20. They take a lot of time and materials and they are definitely worth it. 

A few parts of the show were really nice though. It was held to help support the local football team. So the team members were there to help. I made some football ear warmers and gave one to one of the players. He absolutely loved it 🙂 kept coming over and asked me how I made my stuff and how much he loved his ear warmer. 🙂   He even made sure to come help me and my husband carry stuff out to the car. Kids are still being raised right and I am so happy to have given that to such an appreciative kid. Then as I was out waiting with a final few things while my husband ran stuff to the car, there was a cute little girl who was waiting with her mother for their car to pull up. I asked if she liked princesses and gave her one of the princess lovey blankets I make. Her mother was shocked that I’d give it to her to keep and sounded like she was on the verge of tears and told her friend to give me a pumpkin roll.  They had been a vender there as well and sold them at the show. My husband said to me at the car, “The smile on your face right now”. And it was big, because I just love making people happy. So even though I didn’t do as well as I had hoped, I’m still proud of my crafts and that I was able to make people happy. My husband kept telling me how proud he was of me too, which made it worth it as well. It’s so amazing to know that the person you love supports you so much.