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Anxiety and Life

so I have been going to a therapist for a few months now. She has diagnosed me with generalized anxiety disorder. There are a few other small diagnoses as well, but the anxiety is my biggest problem. It has seemed to want to take over everything for me this past weekend though. It literally sucks the life out of you when it is attacking. You feel completely helpless. People who have never experienced it have no idea how awful it can truly be.  

Even though I’d love to spend the whole day in bed and just live there for a while, I have been trying to work on my crocheting and housework. It can be a slow process when you are battling something that is invisible, but at least there is progress. I can’t wait for our two week honeymoon to get here so I can try to destress with my hubby. We definitely both need it. 

Here is something I’m working on now for a future craft show. Love the yarn and how soft it is 🙂

Hoping to get this finished today as it is a fast working yarn.  We will see what the ADD allows me to finish though. Lol

Have a good day everyone!