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Positive vibes

did you ever stop and have the feeling that maybe you should have become a motivational speaker? I’ve thought that many times. I have gone through a lot of darkness in my life, yet I choose to look forward to the light. Why spend the rest of your days in darkness, brooding over past wrongs and hurts? Why sit and make yourself miserable thinking about how much you don’t like someone? They aren’t doing the same, worrying about how much you hate them.  When you hold on to anger, it only affects you. Maybe just don’t give that person as much trust in the future. I also hate hearing people tell their friends to wait for mr or mrs right to come along and complete them and make them whole. You are the only person who can control your happiness. Only you can make yourself feel whole. You should never place your happiness in other people’s hands. That is way too much trust and control for people who more than likely don’t care as much as you do. Then, if they leave, they take that happiness with them and you are left with nothing again. It DOES feel wonderful when you find someone to share your happiness with, but they should not be the source of your happiness. There is always a way for you to find it yourself, or if you need help to figure it out, there are people who you can talk to who will help as well. YOU are worthwhile. YOU are important and lovable. YOU are the only one who can change where your life is heading. Don’t let anyone keep you from becoming the person you want to be.   The saying is true, life is what you make it, so why not make it happy?