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No time…

Why is it that the days where you need time to go slow, those are the days where you look at the clock and wonder where the time went? Either that, or its a day where the people who have been helping out so much choose to sit on the couch and stare at the tv all day after you have practically begged them for help five times already. All I need to do is crochet a monkey. I just wanted to get the pieces done today and then seeing them together is the easy part. But so far, all I have done is the head. I’m only making a post because I have to put my youngest down for a nap and can’t crochet til he is asleep. Very frustrated today. To top that off, at 5:20, we get picked up by my father in law to go to bowling league night. *sigh* the monkey will get done, even if I have to stay up late, but I would have rather not had to. Life has been so busy lately. With disc golf, my oldest back to school, our wedding three weeks ago, laser tag the other day and daily cleaning, there hasn’t been much down time for this mom. Add to that my youngest caught a cold from his grandpa which he has decided to try and share with the rest of us. I’m ready for a vacation! Well, little man is asleep. Time to go get my yarn and try and get some arms made. Later!