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Miles and miles…

Only about 2 more hours left to go on our journey. My little man has been doing pretty good. He’s sleeping now after a rest stop and some milk. My girl has been a little cranky. But she’s doing better now. Watching Ratatouille with her and chatting with mom. Can’t wait to get there. Tired of riding in the car 😛


Public restrooms.

I’m not one who won’t use public restrooms, but I am a person who has a hard time going when people are talking to me or around me. I mean, why would you even want to talk to someone while they are doing their business? Unless the house is on fire or something to the same emergency level happens, there’s no reason it can’t wait.

Vacation time

So starts the vacation week for the kids and I. My love has to work while we are gone, so he has to stay home. At least 8 days apart and I’m gonna miss him so much. He will be working though so it’s not like we would have gotten to do much together anyway. So we are beach bound tomorrow morning. I get to see my brother, who I haven’t seen in almost two years. Also, he wants to take me to an amusement park to ride some coasters :). Should be a fun time. Soaking in some sun, enjoying some time to relax before the stress of the wedding.
I’m hoping my mother and I can keep from getting on each other’s nerves and my daughter will listen. Crossing my fingers that my baby boy will travel well. Off to try and get some sleep before we leave. Good night all!

Sweetest guy ever!

My guy and I got new phones last week. Finally got me an iPhone. He got one too and he got a life proof case for his so it didn’t get ruined where he works. He works with fiber glass so he needed a tough case. It was expensive though so I told him I’d wait to get one for mine til his next pay. (He’s the worker while I stay at home with the kids).
I went with the kids to a pig roast at my mom’s neighbor’s house today so I wasn’t home all day. We got home late and my love was already asleep. I look in the back door and there is a gift on the table for me. The card said simply “just because I ❤ u – Tiger". He got me the otter box for my phone that I was wanting but probably wasn't gonna get cuz it cost more than the others. Things like that just make me love him so much more than I already did or thought I ever could. He really is the perfect guy and I'm so lucky to have him. 🙂

Witches of East End

I am so hooked on this show! I haven’t had much good to watch while waiting for Once Upon a Time to start season 4, but this show seems really good. I actually stayed up til 4:30am watching the first season on netflix. Lol. We don’t have cable, so anything we watch is either on netflix, DVD or the internet. It kinda sucks for news and weather, but at least there are no commercials.
Believe me tho, I can not WAIT for season 4 of OUaT! I am so addicted to that show that it isn’t funny. 🙂
Well, I’m off to bed to make up some sleep I lost last night. Later all!

What do you do for fun?

One of the first questions we ask a new friend or a new acquaintance. It’s a question we ask but don’t think of answering in return until it is asked in return.
For me, I guess my answer would be crocheting, listening to music, disc golf, surfing Netflix and taking care of my children. I also like to bowl.
Being a stay at home mommy doesn’t leave much time for fun and friends though. It’s harder than it seems. It’s lonelier than it seems too. You only have children to talk to most of the time. Not really conducive to a good conversation.
Doesn’t always help when you have worries about your health or any other thoughts or concerns. They can’t help you with wedding plans or anything else.
Sorry for rambling. Just a lonely mommy worrying about things she doesn’t have to.

Mommy woes

My daughter joined a tennis bounce program this summer that teaches kids how to play tennis. She really likes it and looks forward to it every week. She is almost 10, and I didn’t think being the mother of an almost ten year old would be as complicated as it is at times. I never anticipated the attitude. The back talk, the lack of respect. Yet I know she loves me. She just doesn’t want to listen. She wants to be grown up, yet she knows she needs us. She wants to act like we are friends instead of mother and daughter, and as much as I want that, she’s just too young for the friendship phase of our relationship. I’m almost thirty and I’m just getting to that phase with my own mother. It’s frustrating.
As frustrating as that is, I’m disappointed in women my own age. I saw another mother who was crocheting at tennis practice. She was sitting with a friend, yet I tried to go talk to them and even though they exchanged pleasantries, I was essentially blown off. It is so hard to make friends at this age. I need some friends. Most of my friends now live at least a half hour away. Not very conducive to a fun and healthy friendship. I love my fiancé. He is my best friend. But there are times where I want to talk to another woman my own age instead of his grandma or my mom or my older neighbors. Maybe it’s partly my fault for not trying hard enough, but shouldn’t friendship be a two way street? I always thought it was supposed to be.
Well, I’ve rambled enough for now and need some rest. Good night world. 🙂