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Thanksgiving goodness

Tomorrow is one of my favorite days of the year. The family coming together, cooking, laughing, sharing, eating. We will be going to my guys grandmother’s house tomorrow, and I’m cooking a turkey on Sunday. You gotta love a holiday where the main focus is family. I can’t wait. Baking buns tonight, apple crisp tomorrow, maybe some cookies. We will see ūüôā
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!!!


Sleep? What’s that?

Got the future hubby off to work. Hope he gets there safe, the roads could be icy :/. I should be falling back to sleep, but that’s hard to do when you have lots of stuff on your mind. Keeping things in order downstairs so far. Got a little behind on dishes yesterday, but I’ll catch up today. Have to remember to put together everything I need to send down to my brother.
Weird dreams last night :/. Hope they don’t continue. Well, a few more Zzzzz for this girl…later.

Have you ever been low?

Feeling a little down today. Well, more like a lot down. I just feel so overwhelmed. Two kids, a new house, a fianc√© who works all the time…. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with everything I need to do because I would rather do things that I WANT to do. ¬†The wants don’t exactly get the housecleaning done though. ¬†Add to it that I heard his coworkers laugh at us for not having the house all unpacked and put away. ¬†We’ve been here for 6 months. ¬†It’s hard doing this by yourself. ¬†I guess it’s time to give up on the stuff I want to do though. Time to give up on the dreams and passions and give in to the responsibilities and duties. ¬†I love my kids and my guy so much, I’d give up everything for them. ¬†There is no me without them. Time to be a grown up. ¬†Wish me luck…..I’m gonna need it…..¬†