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Swap status

So I joined a crochet block swap.  This first swap is black and white squares.  I started my pattern choice and it’s so cute 🙂 I love it! I have two squares done so far.  🙂 I have 37 left to go… lol  but i have lots of time to get them done.  Plus I have to get the Dr. Pepper blanket done. 75 more rows left on it.  I need to work on it this weekend.  It is a late Christmas present and I dont want it to go into this year any farther than February.  Work today 3-11 at the dreaded deli 😛  tomorrow as well.  I had an Interview with another place last week and am hoping that I can get on at this new place and not have to work in a deli forever. 😛    I know that i need the new job for time with my family, time to design and time to crochet.  I’m just getting so fed up with the drama where I am right now.  Every week I go back in there it seems like it’s getting worse.  And the boss doesn’t seem to care or want to do anything to fix it.

Well, off to either crochet or get some lunch 🙂 later all!