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Archive for December, 2011

Christmas fun

So everyone Loved their blankets for Christmas 🙂 I still have a few to finish tho. And the ones who got scarves loved them as well 🙂

This one is Grandma Rose’s.

This one is Nevaeh’s. It’s a V-stitch.

The blue one that is folded up is a star.

It is Calista’s.

And here are a few of the scarves.


There was a white one like the variegated one but I didnt get a pic of it 😦  Still some more gifts to finish and give out 🙂 I love crocheting!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!


Good day turned bad

Well I had big plans for my day today. I was going to ice the sugar cookies that my boyfriend’s grandmother ordered from me, bake more for myself, bake some of my other cookies and clean the kitchen.  With this all accomplished by the end of the day, that would leave all day tomorrow for me to work on finishing the blanket I am crocheting for my brother for Christmas.  Well, I decided to check on my schedule for the week and here I was on for today 3-11.  This is impossible for me to do because my boyfriend works til 7pm today so i had to stay home with my daughter.  So I call in to work and they say, oh, well you can come in when he gets home from work. they are short and need me for 3 hours.   I was infuriated.  I haven’t been that upset in a long time.  I’m not saying that the 3 hours of pay won’t be appreciated, but when you give someone a schedule to work around, you expect them to abide by it.  Now my days are all thrown off and I don’t know how I’ll be getting everything finished.  I hardly got any sleep last night because I was up until 2:30am baking sugar cookies.  At least I got some more decorations up in the living room.  I’m still not ready for Christmas. 😦  At this point I just feel like giving up all together though.  I don’t know.  I just know that I will be going in to either a mess or a crap load of work.  Not happy at all.  The urge to quit is ever growing inside me.  But until we either get a new place, a new car or i get a new job, that won’t be happening any time in the very near future. *sigh*

Well I guess I better get something made for supper and get ready to go in to that place 😦

Hope everyone else has had and is having a better day than I am.  😦

Christmas and Crochet

Well I’m starting to get closer to finishing a few things. got some scarfs done.  Working on blankets today. Wish I could find the cord for my camera 😦   I think after the holidays I will be making blankets and items to sell that are crocheted. 🙂 it is something I enjoy and  why not share it with others 🙂

Well, off to my crochet hooks! 🙂 Have a good day everyone!