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From Thanksgiving to Granny Squares

So this year we had our Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday because I decided to work on Thanksgiving for extra money and my boyfriends-fathers-girlfriend was doing their dinner on thursday.  Our dinner turned out AMAZING! I make everything homemade. With lots of butter. Yummy butter 🙂 hehehe  There wasn’t much turkey left over but it was still amazing and my pumpkin pies turned out perfect!

Now that the holiday is over and all that’s left to do is a few dishes, I have begun my work on the Red Heart Yarn Patter for the Noel Granny Square afghan that I will be making for my boyfriend’s grandma.  I have 24 of the small squares done and only 24 left to do and then I have to sew four together at a time to make a block.  Then 13 other larger blocks to make.  I finally got the purple i needed to finish the kids blanket I have that is almost done, and i need to start getting more done on the other two i have in the works as well. it’s crunch time and I actually only work 2 days this week so I should be able to get something accomplished in the days off that I have.  I want to have all the blocks finished for this granny square blanket by tomorrow night and possibly even finish the kids blanket.  As long as I keep to this, I should get them done.  I’m always better under pressure anyways. Lol that runs in my family…sometimes it’s not the greatest thing, but other times it really comes in handy.

well, off for some crocheting and quality time with my love. Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

I hope to be posting some pictures soon of the blankets I am working on!



Tonight Trev wanted us to go to bed at the same time. I go up and he puts in I Am Legend. I can’t sleep with movies like that playing.  Sorry to say. I stayed as long as I could but ended up coming downstairs to watch tv and crochet. 😦 would i rather be up there beside him? yes.

I got christmas colors of yarn today so that i can start on the blanket for his grandma helen when i get Nevaeh’s blanket done. 🙂 Also, my friend at work wants a Scoodie 🙂 She saw the one i made myself and said that she liked it and will pay me to make her one 🙂 Made me feel really good 🙂 I so love to crochet!

Talked to my boss today. Trev is starting back to work tomorrow and I won’t be able to work on days that he works because of his new shift. That is fine with me though. gives me more time to work on the house, my crocheting and spending time with my little girl.

I can’t wait for Thanksgiving! I love turkey!!  Gonna have my dinner on Saturday due to work and other plans. Should be nice though.  There will actually be people coming this year! 🙂 I love the holidays 🙂

well, time to go play with some yarn! 🙂

A is for Afghan

So even tho i have two blankets on my crochet hooks right now, I started a new one last nite.  I started a kids one for Trev’s niece Nevaeh. It’s just a V stitch tho so it will go by fast.  I can’t wait to go to walmart and get some new yarn tho. There are still so many blankets that i want to make (and WILL make).  I’m trying to figure out a way that I could even incorporate crocheting into web design.  Oh yeah, I have an Associate’s Degree in Web Graphic Design.

Not much else to say right now…gotta get my girl off the bus soon.

My job is lame…

Hi. My name is not important at this time, just call me Cherry Bomb. I work in a deli/market. My job is lame….  I spend all day waiting on people, cleaning, doing dishes, frying food that people shouldn’t be eating every day, yet they come in for the same thing every day anyways…. let’s see, um…putting dishes away that are just going to be gotten back out and dirtied in an hour or two anyways…picking up after my coworkers cuz most of them don’t seem to know how to pick up after themselves, and then listening to my boss yell at me because in between all of this, I didn’t ask this one particular person what kind of deli meat they wanted sliced. Every day there is a moment where I look at the door and think “oh how i wish i could just walk out that door and never come back here” but with my boyfriend out of work for the time being and my paycheck being the only income we have, I have to stay and put up with all of this.  Add to this some backstabbing coworkers, a ton of women who just like to gossip and complain about things instead of just doing them themselves and annoying ex-coworkers and customers, and you have about the lamest job i’ve ever had in my life. And I almost forgot that the grease from everything ruins my clothes and my nice Skechers are totally ruined because of the stupid food falling all over the place and getting everywhere. Grrrrr.  The only good parts about my job are payday and quiting time. I’d much rather be home with my boyfriend and my kid. Taking care of my house. Crocheting. Reading. Web designing. ANYTHING BUT STANDING IN A DELI!

Now that that is out of my system…..I can’t believe that people are already playing Christmas music. It’s bad enough that stores like Walmart are basically skipping Thanksgiving, forcing us to listen to Christmas music in their stores almost the day after Halloween, and making Christmas out to be something more commercial than what it really is, now I have to be subjected to this idiocracy at my lame job.  I’m not even ready for Thanksgiving, let alone being halfway ready for Christmas.  At least I’m making most of my gifts this year.  I have decided to crochet blankets and different odds and ends for family members this year.  It’s a simple thing and it has more sentiment than something you just go and buy from the store.   I have two blankets finished so far, and i still have like, oh, a handfull more at least that i want to make.  At least they will be cutting hours soon at my lame job soon and I will be able to have more time at home to take care of things. Another plus.   I will hopefully be posting some pictures of the items I make and will hopefully continue to make after Christmas is over.  Seeing how I like to crochet and all.  Even though I am NOT a grandma.  (My little brother calls me a grandma for crocheting….) It’s something fun for me to do while my boyfriend is yelling at his Xbox 360 games in the evening. 🙂  (he has xbox anger issues…)

Well, I’m off to do some crocheting.  I have two projects in the works already, but i’m thinking of starting a third….yes, i have ADD issues….(oooohhh something shiny……) Anyone else have a lame job out there that they wish they could just walk out of?